the hopeless romantic


I am a fine art photographer who is passionate about creating images that will last a lifetime. I love what I do and couldn’t think of anything better! I live in the Midwest, but have a heart that belongs on the ocean. I love to travel near and far photographing LOVE! I’m a wife to my vintage car loving/videographer husband, Dominic. He’s the bee's knees and I’m lucky we get to work together! I’m also a proud Dog Mom to our little guy, Crouton. My iPhone's camera roll is filled with Crouton pics 100% of the time, and I'm not ashamed of it. Ha! I swoon over film, have a constant case of wanderlust, and summer is my favorite season. I try to enjoy all the big and little joys life has to offer. This life we have is beautiful, and I plan to always  live it to it’s fullest!!

meet my other half

the storyteller


This guy has my heart, forever and always. He’s my other half in life and in business! We manage the business together, making decisions hand in hand. Just like I feel we complement each other in life, we do the same in our shooting styles. Dominic has a relaxed approach and loves to capture the overall picture, in a candid authentic way. He’s always surprising me with the littlest detail he saw while I was off photographing something else. We are a great team!
When Dominic isn’t photographing with me you can find him working on BMWs, enjoying a good craft beer, or dancing around the grocery store.

meet my other half

I’m a firm believer that if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough! 

My passion for my work and living life to its fullest shows through in all that I do. I see beauty around us everyday, and I want it through my images.




My happy place!! I grew up boating with my family and all my favorite memories involve being out on the water.

modern furniture

If only I could live in West Elm…ahhhh!


I love the fancy kind that I’m too lazy to make at home!


I’m pretty fond of this little nugget. He’s my #1 office helper! AKA #1 lap dog. He doesn’t work much, but he keeps things silly and brightens everyone’s day!


must haves: great places to explore + water (living in the midwest, we need as much water as we can get!)

house plants

My current life goal is to create an indoor garden in every room!


I was taught on film, and the love affair never faded. The dreamy aesthetic has me hooked!


I’m one of those crazies who LOVE hot yoga! It’s my jam, and in a world that’s always moving fast it keeps me grounded.