April 22

Esmarie & Justin | Engaged | St. Louis Engagement Photographer

Esmarie and Justin met a few years ago in South Africa, while Esmarie was working on her Master’s and Justin his postdoc in Zoology. Fast forward a bit and they fell in love….Esmarie moved with Justin back to the United States, where he accepted a position as a zoology professor. Esmarie is now working on her PhD in zoology here in Missouri too! Nevertheless, they’ll be getting married in Esmarie’s home of South Africa later this summer…and I’m sure the wedding will be amazing! Their engagement session sure was! We had so much fun playing in the fields with them. These two are such a fun couple!



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April 18

…Spring Engagements…

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring in St. Louis!! Woohoo!! We couldn’t be more thrilled to see all the blooms and sunshine around lately. Our 2014 wedding season starts next weekend, and we just can’t wait! Plus, spring engagements are in the air. I love this time of year! Here’s a little peek from Laura & Logan’s session this week….

Happy Spring you guys!

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