January 2, 2018

Kauai & Maui | Our 5 Year Anniversary Trip

It’s the beginning of the new year, and I’m reflecting back a bit to the biggest highlight of 2017….our 5 year anniversary trip to Hawaii. This past September we traveled to Kauai and Maui for fourteen days. It was pure magic!

Initially, I was a little hesitant to take such a long trip. In the past 8 years….I’ve never been away from our business that long. Helloooo not checking your email for 14 days….scary! Dom and I knew we both wanted to be fully present for each other on our vacation, and that meant unplugging. We prepared ahead of time, put our away message on, and did not work one ounce while we were in Hawaii. I can honestly say I have no regrets! Taking some TRUE time off  is so good for the soul. We came back to the real world feeling refreshed, and ready to be present in our work life again. It was kind of the best way ever to embark on the second half of wedding season!

Dom and I love being by the ocean, hiking, exploring, slowing things down, and of course soaking up some sun. All those things considered, Hawaii had been on our bucket list for awhile!

We spent half of our trip in Kauai and the other half in Maui. Kauai in particular stole our hearts! The Garden Island is exactly how I had envisioned Hawaii – a laid back place with gorgeous views from every corner, the best hikes and the most secluded beaches.  If there is anyplace on this earth my soul belongs, it’s here. Hawaii was by far our favorite place we’ve ever traveled, and I will forever cherish all these memories!

In Kauai, we hiked 8 miles along the Napali Coast to Hanakapiai Falls and it was probably the most memorable part of our trip! The long hike was such a meditative experience for me. It may sound cheesy, but at that very moment in time, I needed it. I realized later that day symbolized me pushing through and seeing my full potential. It felt amazing! When we got to Hanakapiai Falls we dove in the cold water, swam together under the falls, and emerged clearer and brighter than we had been before. I may be crying (happy tears) now just thinking about this perfect moment in time. Sometimes I guess you just need to hike a huge mountain and jump in a waterfall and remember how beautiful life is! #truth

After Kauai we flew to Maui and did all the fun things there like driving the Road to Hana, hiking the Iao Vallery, and  of course ate  ALL of the Acai Bowls. We spent our actual anniversary in Maui, laying on the beach next to about 5 sea turtles. YUP – pure magic!

Feeling so grateful for 2017, our Hawaii trip, and all the shifts I can feel happening in our lives and business right now. I’m so excited to see where 2018 will take us!! Happy New Year!

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